Excise Billing and Retail Store (POS) Software

We develop Excise Billing Software which is useful for any firm, company who sell their products, trading products or services which are excisable. Software prepares excise invoice and all related reports.

Software consists of three main Modules:

  • Master
  • Transactions
  • Reports

Price, Basic Excise duty, Cess, Surcharge can be defined in an Item/Product including VAT% and others.

We provide provisions for both Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices along withPrinting of Excise Invoices with required copies.

We provide all reports of Purchase/Sales with Date wise Detail, Date wise Summary, Party wise Detailsand Party wise Summary. Provision of Selection of Any Party and for any Date from/To are embedded.Software includes other features appropriate and useful for the business.Software has been tested and running at our various clients successfully.

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